Hua Hin

After the Thai Royal Family built their summer palaces, Hua Hin became a popular summer getaway destination for Thais.  Surrounded by mountains and sea, Hua Hin has good year-round weather, making it a perfect beach getaway for those living in the sweltering chaos of cities.

Hua Hin & Retirees

Later Hua Hin was explored by a group of foreigners and found its peacefulness and safety suitable for settling their retirements or building up their vacation homes.  In the last decades, Hua Hin has been growing as one of the globally best destinations for retirees who seeks for quality of living with the affordable budget and friendly community.  Currently, Hua Hin is a multinational and multicultural community with people from countries across the globe, mainly UK, America, Scandinavia, Netherland and Europe.

Our City Growth

To serve the population of Hua Hin, many attractions, facilities and infrastructure have been developed.  Anything you could imagine; international schools, universities, beaches, mountains, forest, waterfall, cave, waterpark, airport, ferry pier, shopping malls, sport centers, national park can be found within Hua Hin.

Hua Hin & Young Family

Unavoidably Hua Hin now attracted hundreds of Russian and Chinese families to allow their children to enjoy the chill winter or to provide them the quality education.  In 2020, there are five international schools in Hua Hin and a few more in the neighboring area.


Because the Royal family lives in Hua Hin at times, excellent healthcare is a requirement, so there is the JCI-accredited Bangkok International Hospital together with Hua Hin Hospital fully equipped with advanced machines and necessary equipment.  Many of the doctors and nurses are fluent in English, so a lot of expats choose it for their network of physicians.


Although it’s a smaller scale city, it’s cosmopolitan with shopping malls, blockbuster movie theaters, and international grocery stores selling French wines and Norwegian salmon. There are local daily markets all over the city which are the freshest and cheapest places to buy your produce. If you can’t grow it yourself, at least you know it’s grown nearby, and you are helping to support the local community. There are, of course, many international grocery stores and shopping malls to get those imported goods that remind you of home, but they do come at cost.

Along Khao Takiab beach is a web of restaurants serving everything from fresh seafood buffet, to Indian and Greek food. Peppered in among the great restaurants are night Cicada Market and Tamarind Market and bars with live music nightly.


Travelling to Hua Hin is amazingly convenient these days.  By car, it is only about a two to three hours journey from Bangkok.  Many choices of public transportation from Bangkok to Hua Hin are also available.  Convenient Shuttle Coach directly from Suvarnabhummi Airport and Pattaya can be simply booked by the touch of your finger.  Many vans available from several locations in Bangkok.  Private taxi will not cost of over 1,700 Baht from airport to Hua Hin.  Even better, now you can fly from Kuala Lumpur to Hua Hin and in the future Hua Hin will be connected with high speed train available from the North of Thailand and Bangkok.


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